What Exactly is the Soul Sweat?

When you think of yourself in situations where you perspire and are drenched in sweat, you may have visions of being in the midst of an intense workout, getting your groove on to your favorite rhythms or maybe even being wrapped in a passionate lovemaking session. Well here’s another possible situation to throw into the mix; sitting in a 190 degree room with a group of health-conscious people with the intention of cleansing and de-stressing. This is what goes on at The Soul Sweat.

The Soul Sweat is described as a ‘Holistically healing spa experience’. It takes place in New York on the last Sunday of each month, in Philadelphia on the 3rd Sunday of each month and in Miami on the second Sunday of each month. The Soul Sweat is led and facilitated by elder Baaba Pa-Ur Tehuti Se Ptah. Pa-Ur says ‘The Soul Sweat was started over 20 years ago by Queen Afua and her husband Baaba Heru. We go through 4 rooms of healing, relaxation and stress reduction. Those rooms are the dry sauna, wet sauna, steam room and various pools including a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and cold plunge. We bring your body to life and quicken the spirit of health within you and make you smile.’

Sweating and sweat bathing, as it is sometimes called, has been proven to have benefits to overall health. Sweating allows the body to rid itself of toxins, various impurities and stress on a physical level and gets the internal organs functioning as if you were working out. Sweat bathing is not a replacement for exercise but can prove to be a helpful addition to your overall health regime.

On an emotional and spiritual level, sweat bathing assists in the releasing old feelings, sentiments and attitudes you may be harboring internally that are no longer serving your best interest. ‘It’s all about releasing,’ says Pa-Ur. ‘As soon as the sweat starts to come off the skin, I encourage the Soul Sweat participants to start letting go of all that baggage they are carrying. We hold on to stuff for so long. We’ve got to let that stuff go. Sweating assists in that process.’

Pa-Ur describes another benefit of the Soul Sweat experience. ‘Moving between hot and cold helps in the removal of blockages in the system and aids in overall stress reduction.’

15 thoughts on “What Exactly is the Soul Sweat?

  1. Talibah

    Just watching the video of the Soul Sweat has me excited about getting healthy. I have experienced the steam room and sauna. I would like information on the soul Sweat in NYC.

  2. Angela Fauntleroy

    Please add my email address to the list to receive all information from NYC, Philly & Miami, thank you.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Dani Polk

    I was introduced to the Soul Sweat about two years ago and was quite skeptical at first!
    TYS However, my need for better health, vitality and a new perspectve on life convinced me to give it another try. I have literally transformed my body, mind and spirit as a DIRECT result of visiting the Philadelphia Soul Sweat ~and becoming a part of its tabernacle choir!! (inside joke) I am grateful, grateful, grateful because healing and success has become mine!!! Thanks Baaba Pa-Ur and all of my Philadelphia SOUL SWEAT Team!!

  4. Etaniel Ben Yehuda

    Greetings! I saw an ad in Hibiscus Cafe on West Philadelphia on last evening. This is great to know! Recently, I moved to Philly from Brooklyn. I heard of the Soul Sweats NYC, but never attended. I have no excuse now.

  5. naajidah

    Signed up for alert abt three years ago…haven’t heard anything yet. Please have mud man call me ….I’d like to partake of the next one…I love the soul sweat!!!! AWESOME EXPERIENCE…PEACE AND LOVING AUTHENTIC VIBRATIONS.

    856 449 5917


  6. Theodore Hampton Jr

    I have been to the source with several times and each time my Enlightenment grew and grew more and more each time I can’t wait to go again

    1. Soul Sweat Team Post author

      Thanks Theo. And thank you for sharing your massage skills with the eeryone

  7. Tarica D.

    Seriously, This is by far the most magical experience that I’ve ever encountered!
    Came to Philadelphia from DC today I feel amazing! Thank you all for making my bodies feel whole again! I’m super clear, focused and most importantly ALIGNED.
    I will be back and looking forward!!

    1. Soul Sweat Team Post author

      Greetings Tarica, Glad you enjoyed yourself. Looking forward to seeing you again!

  8. Mudman

    Http, it’s the Mudman and I won’t be at the sweat on the 19 th. I’m still out of town. You will have to bring everything. Sorry. Fruit, utensils,knives e.g. Because I hadn’t planned on not being there. Everything is going great and I hope to see everyone in April for my big Earthday celebration


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