Baaba Paur in MidtownHeru Pa-Ur Tehuti Se Ptah, affectionately known as Baaba Pa-Ur, is the facilitator, instructor and holistic spa guide of The Soul Sweat. The Soul Sweat is a half-day long group spa event that takes each month in New York, Philadelphia and Miami.

Pa-Ur was first introduced to the spa in 1989 by his brother Baaba Heru after having undergone a major spinal operation. His brother covered Pa-Ur in healing clay from head to toe, wrapped him in towels and two terry cloth bath robes and placed Pa-Ur in a sauna which can reach temperatures of 170 degrees and better.

‘That was the beginning of my healing process of using hot and cold to create an explosion in the veins and arteries to create better circulation throughout the body and to begin to remove blockages from the muscles, the joints and the skin.’ says Pa-Ur.

Pa-Ur then joined Baaba Heru and Queen Afua at Soul Sweats that they held at the 10th Street Bath House in New York City, as well as Native American sweats. As the years progressed Pa-Ur became the facilitator of the Soul Sweat.

Baaba Pa-Ur has also worked with Queen Afua and his brother Baaba Heru for many years in the area of natural cleansing including fasting and colonics, which he credits in helping prepare him for the big job of leading the Soul Sweat.

‘This is a great work,’ says Baaba Pa-Ur. ‘I think the greatest thing that a person can ever do is help another human being save their precious life. And this is what the Soul Sweat provides. It’s an opportunity for you to learn various natural ways of healing to bring yourself to a state of wellness and also shows you ways to take care of your precious gift, your life.’

Baaba Pa-Ur also teaches breathing exercises, holds natural food preparation classes, does spiritual wood carving, holds nature walks, is involved in outdoor energy work and is a relationship, marriage and general counselor, always providing a listening ear and an encouraging word for anyone who is going through a stressful time in their life.

To get a feel of what the Soul Sweat is like you can see a video on our Home page.
Pa-Ur can be reached toll free at 1-888-SWEAT-44

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  1. Geodora Johnson

    Peace & Blessings Family, I will be in Miami from August 13 to the 16 I look forward to participating in the Miami Soul Sweat on the 14th. Much Blessings

  2. Joyce Kemp

    I’m interested in attending this Sun. for the Philly Soulsweat. Please contact me via email or my home # at 484-221-9186. I don’t know the cost, so pls. contact me at your earliest to provide more info. about this adventure as I am super excited!!!

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  25. Enoch Ben Gabriel Jihad Shabazz Yisrael Bey

    Backwards never Forwards ever! Hetep! this is the Moorish American Yisraelite brother Enoch Ben Gabriel Jihad Shabazz Yisrael Bey from out here within this wicked Babylon corporate rotten apple New York City territory in sending righteous salutations to the Elder Kemetic Priest brother Heru Pa-ur Tehuti Se Ptah who migrated down south to the wicked cracker state of Geogria would like to have a craved wooden Ankh made to have as part of our anicent heritage in admonishing it in terms of our original anicent values anyhow until we link up in the Sphere of Ba (Holy Spirit) take care alright. Backwards never Forwards ever! Hetep!

  26. Frances Thomas

    My name is QueenFrances and Iam very interreasted in the coast for Philly Please let me know by email or phone 3027619588


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