Soul Sweat New York

When: Last Sunday of every month – See calendar for dates
Where: Spa 88
88 Fulton Street
(in lower Manhattan)
New York, NY 10038
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm (or later)

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Soul Sweat New York takes place on the last Sunday of each month in New York, NY in lower Manhattan at the Spa 88. Guests arrive at the spa at 11:00 am and we stay until a little after 3:00 pm

New York City is the birthplace of holistically healing spa experience known as the Soul Sweat. Queen Afua and Baaba Heru started going to a spa in New York on Friday nights. They realized how beneficial it was and knew that the wider community could benefit from quality time at the spa.

Pa-Ur with his granddaughter and son

These Friday night spa gatherings continued and eventually the Soul Sweat ‘baton’ was passed on to Baaba Heru’s younger brother, Baaba Pa-Ur who leads the Soul Sweats at this present time with the help of a loyal staff of assistants.

Soul Sweat New York Assistants

27 thoughts on “Soul Sweat New York

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    1. Soul Sweat Team Post author

      Hi Valerie. The price is $65. The next Sweat in NY is Sunday 2/26 at Spa 88

  20. Robin Lester


    What is the time for this Sunday February 26 at Spa 88 and is there any parking?

    Thank you
    Robin 🙂

  21. KG

    Thank you for letting us crash your party today. My buddies and I really enjoyed the share and the singing in the sauna.
    Question what does Thashem mean? The word that you would say at the end of every share.
    Once again Thank You,

    1. The Soul Sweat

      We’re very glad you and your buddies enjoyed the experience. The word we repeat after the share is ‘Tu Ashe’ which means ‘Yes, let it be so’. I hope that helps

  22. The Soul Sweat

    Greetings Robin. Sorry for the late reply. The Sweat in NY at Spa 88 begins at 10a until around 3p. The spa has no parking lot and parking in the area can be a bit difficult and there are parking lots that cost around $20. The 2,3,4,5, a, c, j and Z trains to Fulton street may serve as easier transportation.

    The next Sweat will be on March 26th

    1. Albert Eaton-Bey

      Hi everyone…Lyeta Herb the Herbalist invited me to the group.
      I’m looking forward to a great rejuvenation experience.

      Albert Eaton-Bey
      917 755 7740

  23. Tira Randall

    I would love to join Soul Sweat, NYC. How can I join? Will the next Soul Sweat on March 26th be held at Spa 88? Can I pay the $65 fee on-site or is advance payment mandatory?

    Thank You


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