Soul Sweat Team at Locks Conference 2011

‘The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak’
That has turned out to be such a true quote.

I planned on attending the 17th Annual International Locks Conference in Philadelphia, PA just as I had done last year. Unfortunately I injured my knee a few days before the event. My physical therapist, Brother Revolution, advised me not to travel and risk aggravating my knee. So I stayed home and relied on the good people who assist me with the great work of the Soul Sweat to hold things down in Philly at the Locks Conference. I knew everything would be fine because they are qualified, certified and bonafied. (smile)

I’d like to send shout outs to Mudman, Brother Okera, Elsiana Maat, Helen Ast, Sister Kweli, Sister Gloria and Brother Shalamar (pictured below in order) for working at the display booth and leading the Soul Sweat workshop.

I also want to thank Soul Sweat attendees Sister Angela and her dear mother and Sister Zion for coming to visit our display table and showing us lots of Mer (love).  I also want to shout out my good sister Aisha who just happened to be passing through.

So in the meantime, in between time, I’m going to nurse this knee of mine so I can get up and around like I want to. I’m already making plans for myself and the rest of the Soul Sweat team to be at the Locks Conference in 2012. May the blessings of the Divine operate in such a way that I see you there.

Tua NTR, Tu Ashe

More pictures from the Locks Conference below:
[embpicasa id=”5659152042652924449″]


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