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How to Make Liver-Kidney Flush Drink

This is a great morning beverage to make when you’re doing a seasonal cleanse or anytime you just want to give yourself a healing drink that has some great benefits.
Kidney Liver Flush Drink

The Liver Kidney Flush Drink is very simple to make. All you need is:

1. 8 oz. of Water

2. The juice of one lemon or lime or 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
(I like to use one of the fruits AND the apple cider vinegar)

Apple Cider Vinegar

3. 2 cloves of garlic

4. a pinch of cayenne pepper
Cayenne Pepper

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend it on up
Blender Top View

Blender Side View

And there you have it. Drink up!
Okera Holding Liver Kidney Flush Drink

The Kidney Liver Flush Drink is not necessarily an ‘everyday’ drink. You shouldn’t drink it more than every other day for 2 weeks. And you can go through this 2-week cycle about once every season.
Just have the warm water with lemon if you want to have a cleansing morning drink you can have everyday.

Why Do I Need Kidney-Liver Flush?

Great question. Your liver and kidneys play a major role in keeping you healthy.

Job of Your Liver

Your liver cleans your blood. It also creates bile, which helps your liver get rid of substances that your body can’t use. Your liver also stores energy for your body as a sugar called glycogen. So you can see why your liver will occasionally need to be cleaned or flushed, so it can do its job at an optimum level.

Liver Kidney Diagram

Job of Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are also blood filters. When blood flows through the kidneys, bad substances are sent to the bladder to be peed out. So again, you can see how these filters known as the kidneys can benefit from being ‘flushed’ out once in a while. Hence we have this Liver Kidney Flush Drink that I hope you and your body enjoy.

Okera Holding Kidney Liver Flush 2
article written by Soul Sweat Assistant Okera Ras I
Give thanks to Queen Afua and Baaba Heru for pointing me to this information