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Baaba Pa-Ur with Hand Out

Soul Sweat New York – December 25, 2011

Baaba Pa-Ur with Hand Out

Baaba Pa-Ur - Soul Sweat Guide

Hotep Great and Mighty One! This is Baaba Pa-Ur.
I’m getting ready for the final Soul Sweat in New York for 2011 on Sunday December 25th.

That’s right. You didn’t read that wrong. I said Sunday December 25th. I know you may have plans to spend quality time with your family that day and that is a beautiful thing. But if you’re not and if you’re free on Sunday, you are more than welcomed to join me and members of the Soul Sweat staff at the spa where we will be exchanging ‘gifts’ of stress-reduction and relaxation.

In either case I wish you joy during this winter holiday season. All of the holidays of this time have something in common. They all have something to do with birth, rebirth, renewal, beginnings, inner reflection, inner assessment and planning a path for the future.

This season is your opportunity to:

• Take stock of where you are right now in your life
• Give thanks and appreciation for making it this far on your journey
• Plot your course going forward

If you are indeed able to join me on Sunday December 25, 2011 at Soul Sweat New York, you will be pampered and treated like the special individual that you are. We will give you a foot massage in the jacuzzi, a body scrub, back, neck and shoulder rub with oil while you’re in the sauna. We’ll feed you fruit and provide lots of water, juices, and tonics.

We’ll do breathing exercises, empowering affirmations and sing some uplifting songs as we move you through the saunas, steam room, jacuzzi, cold plunge and swimming pool. It would be my pleasure to have you join us for this experience.

Kevin Green Poolside

Kevin Green - Soul Sweat Assistant

We want to send a special shout out to Soul Sweat Assistant Kevin Green ‘The Firefighter’ who celebrates his birthday this month. We acknowledge him for his years of dedication to The Soul Sweat.

We also send lots of Mer (love) to everyone celebrating a birthday in December.

So until we see each other or speak again, may the blessings of the Divine be with you and yours on this day, this holiday season and forever more. May this time period be your launching pad to the manifestation of your goals and aspirations. -Hotep


Soul Sweat New York – December 25, 2011 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
at Sandoony USA Spa
1158 McDonald Avenue
(near intersection of Avenue I)
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Click Here For Driving Directions
Click Here for Subway & Bus Directions

What you need to bring:
• Swimsuit (females can wear lappa or sarong if you wish)
• Flip flops (they are provided if you don’t have your own)
• Personal toiletries
Towels are provided. Bath robes can be rented for $5

To get the most out of the Sweat it’s recommended that you reduce your intake of or eliminate from your diet:
• Meat
• Starchy foods (bread, dairy products, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.)

This will allow you to withstand more heat and cleanse internally on a deeper level.
I know it’s hard during holiday time, but do your best.

Your investment for the Soul Sweat – $60

Give me a call at 347-767-0325 to let me know you’re coming or just show up at the spa on Sunday at 8:00 am