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Group Sweating in Dry Sauna

Soul Sweat Newsletter January 2012

Soul Sweat Logo

Baaba Pa-Ur in Shower

Soul Sweat Guide Baaba Pa-Ur emerging from the shower at the spa

Hotep Beloved. Baaba Pa-Ur here sending you blessings, blessings and even more blessings for 2012. I hope that you had a glorious holiday season and got a chance to spend some quality time with the special people in your life. It is my wish that you continue to strive to reach your goals and aspirations and that they become manifest for you in a timely manner.

The sad truth is that many of us will give up on our ‘resolutions’ before February gets here. One way to reduce your chances of giving up on your goals is to set smaller micro-goals. You may not be able to change every aspect of your life in one year. You’ll get overwhelmed and just quit. So set a small, measurable goal. Once you achieve that, set another small measurable goal. Keep taking those little baby steps towards your transformation and you have a much greater chance of getting to your finish line.

It is also my wish that you will carve out some special time for yourself as you strive to live out your ‘resolutions’. You can’t do much for yourself or anyone else if your own ‘Love Tank’ is running low. And one place where I know you can fill your personal ‘Love Tank’ is at the Soul Sweat. We will nurture you and give you so much energy that you can then go out and conquer your world as you leap over all the obstacles in it.

2012 Soul Sweat Calendar

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Soul Sweat 2012 Calendar

Elsiana Maat in jacuzzi

Elsiana Maat designed 2012 Soul Sweat calendar

I’d like to send a special shout out to Soul Sweat assistant Elsiana Maat who put her graphic design skills into gear and cranked out a lovely 2012 Soul Sweat calendar.

We’ll be kicking off the 2012 Soul Sweats with a bang!

Soul Sweat Miami on Sunday January 8th
Soul Sweat Philadelphia on Sunday January 15th
Soul Sweat New York on Sunday January 29th

I hope to see your shining face in the place. May 2012 be your year to prosper and fly to the Heights of your deepest and dearest desires. May the Divine bless you and everyone connected to you, this day, and forever more. – Tu Ashe’

Overview of The Soul Sweat

Group Sweating in Dry Sauna

Sweating in Dry Sauna

The Soul Sweat is a monthly group spa event that takes place in Miami, Philadelphia and New York. We take you through the dry sauna, wet sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, cold pool and swimming pools. You get a foot massage while you’re in the jacuzzi, in the dry sauna you get a body scrub and a back, shoulder and neck rub with oil. We feed you fruits, water, tonics, teas and juices. We lead you through breathing exercises, empowering affirmations and uplifting songs. You get to network with positive, health-conscious people, like yourself. You leave feeling renewed, relaxed, de-stressed and ready to take on the world with a whole new attitude.

All you need to bring are your swimsuit and your personal toiletries. Flip flops are provided or you can bring your own. Towels are free and there is a small charge to use a freshly cleaned bath robe (free in Philly)

To get the most out of The Soul Sweat it is good to eliminate or at least reduce your consumption of the following foods at least 3 days before the Sweat:

  • meat
  • starchy foods (bread, rice, potatoes, dairy products, pasta, etc.)
Relaxing in jacuzzi

Relaxing in jacuzzi

This will allow your body to withstand more heat allowing you to detox on a deeper level.


Soul Sweat Miami

brought to you by:

Above: Baaba Pa-Ur pictured with
(l-r) Khepera & Sasa Quammie, Dr. Love, Sister Folasade

When: Sunday January 8, 2012 and the 2nd Sunday of every month
Where: Russian & Turkish Baths
5445 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140
Time: 12:00 noon – 4:00pm
Investment: $75.00

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Soul Sweat Philadelphia

brought to you by:

Baaba Pa-Ur in ShowerElsiana Maat in jacuzziKevin Green PoolsideHelen AstShalamar

pictured above: row 1 – Baaba Pa-Ur, Mudman, Elsiana Maat, Kevin Green, Helen Ast
row 2 – Gloria Kingcade, Kweli Archie, Okera Ras I, Shalamar

When: Sunday January 15th and the 3rd Sunday of every month
Where: Southampton Spa
141 2nd Street Pike
Southampton, PA 18966
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Investment: $65.00
See Pictures from the December 2011 Soul Sweat in Philadelphia

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Soul Sweat New York

brought to you by:

Baaba Pa-Ur in ShowerElsiana Maat in jacuzziKevin Green Poolside

Helen Ast

pictured above: row 1 – Baaba Pa-Ur, Elsiana Maat, Kevin Green
row 2 – Helen Ast, Okera Ras I

When: Sunday January 29th and the Last Sunday of every month
Where: Sandoony USA Spa
1158 McDonald Avenue
(near intersection of Avenue I)
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm
Investment: $60.00
See Pictures from the December 2011 Soul Sweat in New York

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